Living with Aging Parents: Being in the Present while Living Amongst Your Past

Living with Aging Parents (1)Being in the Present while Living amongst Your Past: Living with Aging Parents


For any of you who have aging parents, whether you share living space or not, what I am about to share is deeply personal. My hope is that it somehow makes a difference to you.elderly hands

My mom lives with me – downstairs in my home. One evening after returning home from a dinner out, I walked down my back steps to my patio to let my dog outside. I waited on the landing for him to finish his business with the intention of drying him off quickly (it was raining out).

I had been taking on the practice of learning what it truly meant to be present and was watching the rain – how it came down clear and then just disappeared on the floor of the deck somehow. In that space, my mom was muttering something, as she often did these days. She made a statement that would surprise me, and could have cut me to the core. Read More

Accepting Yourself in Truth

There's Power in Accepting (4)
When you look in the mirror, do you see all that you want to see? Or do you see only the things you do not like? We are our own top critics; but, what if we learned to love ourselves in truth.

Loving ourselves in truth means that we love ourselves unconditionally. If Christ came down to save us, it means he loved us unconditionally. He knew from the very beginning what his journey was to be and how he was to fulfill it. He loved his father so much and loved us so dearly that he fulfilled his prophecy. Read More

Hurricane Sandy: The Light amidst the Darkest Storm

hurricane sandy

Hurricane Sandy: The Light amidst the Darkest Storm

The beginning of Hurricane Sandy was also the beginning of dad’s journey home. It was just a matter of time. Dad always slept through the night; however, Night One of Hurricane Sandy would be different.

Our aide, Gabriel (our angel) had to leave to go home to his family. My 88-year-old mother, my 14-year-old daughter and I braced ourselves for the unknown.

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Reaching for New Life this Spring

Just as the bud reaches for new life in spring, we as followers of Christ can reach for new life, as well. Every spring we remember the gift of life; not just life as it is, but as new life emerging. Every spring we celebrate many things; warmer weather, robust blooms and blossoms, the trees regain their vibrancy, and Christians everywhere celebrate the renewal of our spirits through the resurrection of Christ.

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The Pivotal Moment of Peace


I came home from my daughter’s birthday celebration at the beach. The dog was barking, the men were working on the roof, but worst of all my mom, who had been on Coumadin, was bleeding heavily from her surgical procedure. My daughters and their teenage friends were all eyes as to what was going down.

I had a moment wherein I got to choose how I would show up in the moment. I chose a way of being called graceful. I had my teenage daughter take the dog for a walk, I then had my younger daughter and her friends go find a menu to order some food, and I tended to my mom. When I was washing the blood off her hand, there it was, an incredible fullness of joy is the only way I can describe it. Fullness of joy. Read More

Dad’s Passing and a Blessing

me and dad

I’m not very good at making choices, at all…seriously….ever. The term “hemming and hawing” was made especially for me. This night was different though. I thought about heading over to the hospital, January 2, 2012 and I was on my way. It was about 5:30 and then I heard a voice that said – no, you will wear yourself out; don’t go. You stay home and cook for everyone and you can take another turn tomorrow. Read More

Divine Serendipity: How to Know When God Nods


Has there ever been a time in your caregiving journey where you had the experience of coincidence? There probably has been. Just about everyone knows what it feels like to experience a coincidence. For me it happened when an old friend appeared in my life and invited me to a transformational seminar. Coinciding with that, my father was coming to the end of his journey here on earth. The priest that offered my dad last rights had the same first name (an uncommon name at that) as my friend.shield-492992_1280

Taking that a step further, have you ever experienced a coincidence so big that no human being could have concocted it? You kind of got that feeling – the “let me look around, over my shoulder” kind of feeling. Well, you are not alone. Some individuals like to refer to it as coincidence while others call it synchronicity, and still others call it serendipity. Whatever you wish to call it – it is divine! Read More

Amazing!: 97 Year Old Man Gives Away the Secret to Being Happy! You’ll be Amazed!



September 19, 2014


Interview at Sunken Meadow Beach with Mr. William Schulman

Mr. Schulman wouldn’t tell me right away what his secret to being happy and successful was; however, it was worth the wait as his words are profound!

He made me wait to learn just like it took him 97 blessed years to figure it out for himself – he so graciously passes it on to all of us. Read the whole interview and feel his spirit as you connect with his “Pearls of Wisdom” for us. Read through to his last statement. Powerful and profound! Read More