A Beautiful Mind

a beautiful mind 3

Beauty is often associated with what you wear or what you put on your skin. Purchasing clothing and makeup can achieve outer beauty, but how can you achieve a beautiful mind?

Achieving a beautiful mind is similar to exercising the body. It is a conscious effort to guide your mind and direct your emotions to a higher ground.

A perfect example is forgiveness. We have all been in situations wherein someone has hurt us, and we remain bitter and angry. Bitterness and anger do not radiate beauty. Making a conscious effort toward forgiveness is a benefit for you. It releases resentment from your mind and diminishes darkness.

Perception is also an integral component of a beautiful mind. How we choose to perceive any situation is a conscious choice.

One morning, in the midst of worry about my mother who was having an MRI, I made a conscious choice to finish a story I had been writing. Sitting there worrying would not have made the clock tick any faster. Not only did I finish the story, but I also felt better by choosing to be proactive instead of destructive.

Putting this into practice on any given day is difficult, but so worthwhile.a beautiful mind

In dealing with humans daily, there is much room for misconception. Before reacting to undesirable behaviors of others, working out that muscle called your brain can have positive effects. Of course, you cannot see how buff your brain is becoming, but you certainly will feel beautifully different.

For example, perhaps your man left a mess, not assuming you would automatically pickup after him, but quite simply because he really is an unorganized mess. Maybe your mother is irritable these days not because she is upset with you, but because her fear of aging grips her.

I had my very own “Ah-ha” moment when I was able to perceive my struggles in life as a gift. If I had received help when I needed it, I never would be the strong, self-sufficient woman I am today. It is all a matter of perception. Now, my writing is stronger; it is polished and so am I.

Work your brain – make it sweat, feel the burn. Change your perception. You will not see the muscle grow and expand as you utilize this exercise, but you will certainly feel the effects of a beautiful mind. It is all a matter of perception.

Have you ever made a conscious effort to “change your mind?” Share with us here on your success.