About Pearls of Wisdom

Question: Have you ever thought about the knowledge and wisdom of the elders? How great a contribution would you be if you could give them a gift – the gift of feeling – Yes, feeling – that they were a contribution and not a burden? Here is a space and a place for their voices to be heard – whether through their powerful words of wisdom or a simple memory that brings a smile to their lips as well as ours.

Our elders have powerful knowledge to pass on to us in the form of wisdom and discernment. How great would it be for them to share this with us all. My segment, ” Senior Pearls of Wisdom,”© is open for that opportunity.

If you know of an elder who would love to send in an amazing quote or short story, why not send it in here and share it with the rest of us. Let them be the contribution that they already are. Let them leave us with their ” Senior Pearls of Wisdom ©” here.

Just fill out the contact form below, shoot me a quick email and I’ll be happy to communicate with you about having your elder leave his/her “Senior Pearls of Wisdom ©,” here.

ATTENTION SENIOR FACILITIES: Want to be a contribution to the seniors you care for? In partnership with a videographer, we are available to come to your facility to capture these beautiful souls on video, chatting with us, leaving us with their Pearls of Wisdom ; also available to teach journaling to the seniors. contact us below for our information package.






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