Accepting Yourself in Truth

There's Power in Accepting (4)
When you look in the mirror, do you see all that you want to see? Or do you see only the things you do not like? We are our own top critics; but, what if we learned to love ourselves in truth.

Loving ourselves in truth means that we love ourselves unconditionally. If Christ came down to save us, it means he loved us unconditionally. He knew from the very beginning what his journey was to be and how he was to fulfill it. He loved his father so much and loved us so dearly that he fulfilled his prophecy.

God sent down His only begotten son in order to save us because he loved us so. God knew all about our faults, yet still chose to send us a way and a means toward grace. Imagine loving our own selves by accepting ourselves in truth.

Loving ourselves even though we are not perfect, even though we do not look like the woman in our office everyone thinks is so beautiful. Loving ourselves even though our title may not be as high as another’s. Loving ourselves because our home is smaller, our paycheck not as robust or our education not as substantial.

God has and will continue to choose the meek to inherit the earth as His children. That is why it is vital to recognize your value and worth as a caregiver – especially if you are one of many siblings that provides caregiving to your aging parents. Throughout history, God chose sinners and those that the average person may consider less than. However, God knew the value of his or her heart.

Isn’t it time for you to know the value of your heart, as well? accepting yourself in truthGod created you and He made no mistakes. He gave you free will to suffer the consequences or reap the rewards, yet He still loves you just as you are – in all your glorious truth.

There is no such thing as a perfect human being; however, we all have God within us. We were created in His likeness and image and we need to honor that. If God himself gave us the power to create within us and if He created us in His image, that means we are powerful – Mighty and powerful enough to love one another as He loved us and to create our lives to show up as we wish.

There is power in accepting yourself in truth. We are limitless, and have no boundaries just as God himself is because that is the way He created us, in His likeness and image.

That was His intention all along.

Do you ever feel “less than” in your role as caregiver and not give yourself enough credit? How do you pull yourself up when you feel down like this?