And the Greatest of These is Love


Do thoughts of flowers, chocolate, and romance immediately come to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day? Do you get excited about the possibility of a gift, gesture, or surprise you may be about to receive?

While offering gifts and romantic gestures on Valentine’s Day is traditional and (let’s be honest) expected, there are many other ways to choose how love can show up in your life. These all start with the divinity that is already inside of you.

God is love, and we are made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, we are equipped with the capability to love beyond ourselves, as God intended for us all.

“Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”

Unconditional Love

 Letting others show up as who they truly are will equate to you setting them free and freeing yourself in the process. God loves us unconditionally. Love yourself just as fiercely!

If we model this way of loving, we open up the space for us to love unconditionally and be loved unconditionally in return – accepting, embracing, and loving fully.

Love in Action

 Many individuals believe that being “in love” is all about how the other person makes you feel; however, love in action shows up differently. Love in action is about the other person.

  • Looking the other way – sometimes being love in action means to overlook something, understanding that the actions of another are not always personally about you. Sometimes, other individuals have things going on and their actions have nothing at all to do with you.
  • Being an active listener – sometimes we want to answer back or quickly defend; however, sometimes love in action means truly listening to the other person before we react, seeking that grain of truth behind the words.
  • Speaking from a place of love – we have all been guilty of speaking before thinking; but love in action thinks before speaking.
  • Being present in love – sometimes when a loved one is talking we tend to go off in all different directions; holding onto why we are angry with them or remembering some event from the past.

 Putting our Ego Asidehand-604172_1920

 Truly loving another means we accept them as they are, with no desire to change them. Sometimes taking a deep breath and truly listening to the grain of truth in what they are saying may mean the difference between peace and love or anger and conflict.

Letting someone “be” is the greatest gift in love we can offer. Not expecting them to make us happy offers both parties freedom – the freedom for both parties to show up as who they truly are, so that they can be loved and embraced for who they were truly meant to be.

 Ministering in Love

 Other than expecting or giving gifts in a romantic way, what about ministering in love in different ways. Perhaps, we could take St. Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to minister in love to others in so many ways:

  • Volunteering our time
  • Leading a Bible study group
  • Hosting a prayer circle or just simply praying for someone else
  • Visiting the elderly

There are so many ways to model St. Valentine’s courage to ministering in love in order to honor and commemorate the day.

Love comes in many shapes and forms and does not only necessarily mean flowers and candy. Don’t forget, we also need to practice the art of self-love too.

You cannot love someone else fully until you love yourself first

God created us and He makes no mistakes. He divinely loves us, as He lovingly resides in our spirits. All we have to do is tap into that well of never-ending, all-enduring, perfect love. That is the best gift we can ever receive, and more importantly, the best one we can ever give.