Calling all Angels/Businesses

star-997356_1920Do you own a business that would be a contribution to caregivers? Maybe you are a massage therapist, wellness expert, or a meditation extraordinaire. Whatever your gift or talent, why not be the contribution that you are and add your resources.

You have valuable advice, gifts and tools that may prove beneficial and healing to caregivers.

Caregivers desperately need resources – your resources. With over one million family caregivers right here in our own backyard (Long Island) and baby boomers everywhere caring for their aging parents, this demographic needs our help.

As an empowered caregiver and spiritual writer, I understand their needs and I understand your vision and goals. You have professional and personable resources in the form of products and services that are valuable to today’s modern caregiver.

Networking and connecting are integral to keeping this massive wave ebbing and flowing smoothly and gracefully.

The population is living longer than ever. Caregiving is not only a trend, it’s a way of life. Together we can make it less stressful and more peaceful.

Here’s what I provide for an annual sponsorship:

  • The ability to schedule a guest post on my blog and highlight(link) your services within that post
  • The opportunity to have your posts put up on my Facebook Page and highlight (link) your services within that post
  • The  possibility to place your event on our events calendar
  • The possibility to place a one-page informational sheet in our folder at future events we attend

Angels helping angels…now that’s inspiring.