Calling upon Your Highest Caregiver Self

Many of us have heard the expression, “What would Jesus do?” or “what would love do?” In many times of stress, it is easy to instantly go into, “What would stress do?” only to feel guilty about it later. Reacting from an internal point of stress rather than an internal point of view of “what would my higher self do?” is an easy trap under which to fall.

Sometimes it is easier to react than to take action. Sometimes there is no apparent action to take, and that is when it is time to stop, drop, and

Acceptance as Higher Self

First, it is important to note stress is a part of life and an unavoidable part at that. Secondly, it is vital to our well-being to accept and embrace the stress and move right on through it. Accepting stress does not mean that you are weak and submissive; in fact, it means that you are coming from a strong suit, a place of wholeness. Without stress, there would be no overcoming, no accomplishments, and no opportunity to better ourselves.

Allowing ourselves to feel that stress and even submit to a minor breakdown or feeling of despair is perfectly acceptable. However, staying in that place for too long is where our ego has the power to take control. Feelings of “This only happens to me,” or “everyone else has it better,” may not be the feelings we desire to have but, nonetheless, they are feelings just the same.

The Potential of Prayer

praying-hands-306887_1280Once you have embraced these feelings, set aside a short period of time to now embrace them. The longer we fight these feelings, albeit negative ones, the longer it will take to come out through the other side. That other side is one of triumph and more often than not, God’s will for us. Take time out to be quiet, even to cry, and most importantly to pray. Even in his darkest hour, Jesus took time to pray to his father.

Tapping into the Divinity within Our “Self”

When we pray to the father, we call upon our highest self – the place where God resides within us. We can tap into that divinity within ourselves, knowing in faith that our prayers will be heard, our highest self will be reached, and that God will work it out for our highest good.

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                                                                Amen (SO BE IT)