A “Girl” and a Dream


Mom was 89 when I took this picture and 90 when I interviewed her in 2014.


Do you want to chat with me?


I’ll chat with you sure.


Would that be nice?


That would be wonderful.

What is one of your favorite memories in life that stands out the most to you?

The birth of my children and the day I got married.

Tell me about the birth of your children; was it different each time? Why was it different? Read More

Amazing!: 97 Year Old Man Gives Away the Secret to Being Happy! You’ll be Amazed!



September 19, 2014


Interview at Sunken Meadow Beach with Mr. William Schulman

Mr. Schulman wouldn’t tell me right away what his secret to being happy and successful was; however, it was worth the wait as his words are profound!

He made me wait to learn just like it took him 97 blessed years to figure it out for himself – he so graciously passes it on to all of us. Read the whole interview and feel his spirit as you connect with his “Pearls of Wisdom” for us. Read through to his last statement. Powerful and profound! Read More