Acknowledge Your Feelings: Acknowledge Self, Discover Truth

Acknowledge Your Feelings: Acknowledge Self, Discover Truth


When you begin to acknowledge your feelings, you allow them to move through you more quickly to the other side. You accept your feelings, you accept yourself, you can then move forward to recreate your feelings into inspired action, transforming yourself, and your life.

You begin to discover your personal truth.

Learn how to recreate your feelings into inspired action for yourself, your life, and for the benefit of those around you.

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Turning Negative Emotions into Inspired Action


When you take a look at emotions and realize the energy force behind them (fear, anger, jealousy), it offers you an opportunity to take that energy and recreate it into inspired action and positive momentum.

Power questions:

What has this emotion come here to teach me?

In what area of my life do I need to pay attention, give love to?

What is the message behind this emotion that my spirit longs to seek the answer?

What truth does this emotion wish me to uncover so that I can uncover my authentic self?

How can I recreate this emotion and turn it into inspired action?

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Emotions as a Guidepost not a Pothole



Your emotions are a GPS, and each of us has their own intrinsic directional guide. Our emotions are here to point out what works and what doesn’t for our own particular ways of being and life journey.

Sometimes we stuff our feelings down or write them down on paper and then burn them; that’s not recreating or acknowledging them. Anger and fear may be here to prompt us to take action. It’s not wrong to be angry or fearful, as long as we don’t stay angry or fearful – that’s the difference. When we effectively manage our emotions as guideposts and not potholes, we can then begin to transform and transcend from there.

We can ask anger and fear, “What have you come here to teach me?” It’s in the asking that the answers will begin to present themselves.

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Transformational Journaling for Mind, Body, Spirit

My name is Ann Agueli, I’m an Award-Winning Author, Content Specialist for Purpose-Based/Spiritual Businesses, and Coach. I teach Transformational Journaling as a way of life. Once you learn the techniques in my book, “Transformational Journaling for Mind, Body, Spirit,” you will learn how to transform your mind, and change your life.

Once you learn to change your mind, you’ll learn how to live out of your heart. What’s available to you is more peace, freedom, and most importantly joy in relationship to self, to source, and to others.



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On Wanting More

On Wanting More

Recently, on a drive, the Holy Spirit gave me a message. I was curious about my desire to always want more – not in the way of materials things, but to be more than I am (always). Having set many goals and accomplishing them all and in the space of “What’s Next” I received a divine message.


“Ann, consider your desire for “wanting more out of life” and consider that it is perfectly fine to want more but not at the expense of seeing what you already have right in front of you as already being more. – as being perfectly divine in this moment and space. What you have, what you are, and who you are being is perfectly fine. You and your life are already whole, complete and fine in this moment, as is.


Constantly thinking about wanting and being more puts you in the energetic vibration of not-enoughness and such is not the case, dear sister. So, go ahead and want more and be more for your future self but don’t forget to include your present self in the mix. Nothing’s missing – only greater and bigger things to come to add to an already-existing greatness.”



There was so much peace in this message. In stepping out of always trying to “get there” the space opened up for “you already are.” What a great platform to springboard from; a place of wholeness, peace, and completion and a pathway to making what already is that much stronger.

This makes room for being okay with where we are at in the moment – this moment, and allowing a freedom of spirit to dream into the future without making the present unworthy. It’s almost like standing in two places at the same time with one foot in the present and another pointing toward the future, but both feet fully planted on the ground.

Now, that’s a trip worth taking.


Love at First Sight: The 2 Secrets to a Happy Life




Today, I met with the most amazing man. It was love at first sight. No, he is not Prince Charming. As a matter of fact, he is an 87-year-old veteran marine who goes by the nickname of “Babe” who pulled my heart strings.

Although Babe’s story is similar in nature of the many who served along with him, there is something intrinsically different about him. He recants how he dated his wife for two years by mail – never having met her until after those two years. He went on to marry her. This doesn’t even begin to cover the special quality he has.

There was a knowing in his eyes that made its way up from the depths of his heart when he spoke. You see, after every sentence laden with details of his war life, his romantic life and his time spent as a 400 + batter on the ball field – were gratitude and humility. Men like him valued the joys of romance and the freedom to play ball because they understood how quickly the “rage of war” could heighten their fears. Rather than choose fear, they embraced all that life could offer that was joyful and pure – like courting his wife or batting that 400th hit.

His story was a blessing in that it provided the real meaning of life. Those qualities of gratitude and humility pierced every sentence shared with me. He commented on how he hopes his generation is the last to fully understand the ravages of war that he saw first-hand and what war and death were all about.

He said the gift within that was that he got to know gratitude and humility on the other side of that destruction. This is how he gained humility and appreciation for all that is, for life, for the art of true love and romance.

To him, these weren’t just words; his life experience was a mix and a balance of humility and an all-encompassing knowing. That knowing that lives deeply embedded in his heart and expressed through his eyes. He expressed with the utmost dignity that even though he had witnessed the raw ravages of war, that he was honestly a lucky man to have come out the other side with gratitude and humility. Imagine that.

He looked me in the eye then and spoke to my spirit, as if he were my own father – he said that gratefulness and staying humble were the secrets to life.

That’s all he said as he finished chatting with me and that was enough for me.

The Many Faces of Self: Part I

The Many Faces of Self: Part I

Before we can even begin to attempt to recreate our relationship with others, we need to start at source; our relationship with ourselves.

This excerpt is taken from my Self-Awareness Coaching Program on

The Many Faces of Self

Self Confidence vs. Self Esteem

Have you ever wondered about the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem?  They sound like one in the same, don’t they? Self-confidence comes from lots of life experience. From the time we are babies trying to learn how to walk, self-confidence has begun. We take that first step, fall on our bottoms and we keep on getting up and walking forward.

As adults, we might not have that mindset of continually getting up and keeping forward movement. We get stuck inside our heads; we think about things too much or we say we are tired. Life is full of those two-steps forward, fall on your bottom, keeping getting up and moving forward moments, when you think about it. Wouldn’t it be great to have that same self-confidence you had as a toddler learning to walk, with no thought process involved? Just get up and go, naturally and authentically as part of your need to grow and evolve into the next phase of your life – exploring, going different places, running and playing.

Self-confidence develops over the years. The more things you try and succeed at, the more self-confidence you gain. You also gain self-confidence from not succeeding. Once you see that it’s not the end of the world you thought it was and you are still standing, you begin to gain self-confidence from resilience. Self-esteem, on the other hand is how you view, value, and esteem yourself. What kind of regard do you hold yourself in? More importantly, the value and esteem we hold ourselves in can also be the value and esteem that others will hold us in, as well.

If we don’t believe in ourselves, then expecting others to believe in us won’t happen either. We all come to this earth with different gifts and talents. We all have different gifts to bring to the table, His table. Some of us have the gift of leadership while others are experts at assisting. There are those of us with talents for the creative arts while others manage numbers brilliantly. Some have the gift of compassion while others have the gift of patience. It’s in our spiritual gifts where we can find the most joy and the most inner peace.

When these are out of alignment, we may find that some of the rest of our world is out of alignment, as well – like the area of relationship. I want to stress how important it is to have a healthy relationship with self before moving on to healthy relationships with others. Even if you think you have a perfect relationship with self or whether or not you’ve never even given it a second glance, now’s a good time to begin the work.

We gain self-confidence from the many accomplishments we make, the risks we take, and the fact that through it all, we are still standing. More importantly, we are still liked and loved; successes, failures, big breaks, big mistakes and all.

Make a list of times when you were successful in achieving a goal. It doesn’t have to be a big goal. It could be something as simple as losing five pounds or as grand as advancing in your career.

Action Step: Self-Talk – Whenever you hear yourself not giving yourself enough credit, take a look at your list and gently but firmly remind yourself of what you have accomplished, how far you have come and exactly what you are made of.

Tune in for the second part of this series for Self-Esteem guidance.

What’s Your Gift

What’s Your Gift?


We all have gifts we bring to the table, His table. Why not have a feast? Let’s all bring our gifts to the table and share instead of compare. My gift is the gift of compassion. I have so much compassion that some days it hurts to be me.

I need to hide away at times from the world and regroup and recharge because my compassion meter is set on high. I feel so deeply into this thing called life. Joy is ecstasy. Pain and sorrow are excruciatingly painful. I was always the one who wanted to take home all the strays and love all the elderly and feed the hungry; I could go on and on. These are our spiritual gifts and while we might find them painful at times, we must honor them as gifts; core, inherent gifts.

It’s in the honoring where we can nurture, grow, and share.

There are so many gifts; the gift of leadership, the gift of intuition, the gift of foresight. What’s your spiritual gift?