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Coaching Module: The 3-Step Plan to Holistic Caregiving

Transform Your Caregiving Life

 Caregiver Coaching: Taking Care of You So You Can Take Care of Them

The 3-Step Plan to Holistic Caregiving

  • Award-winning Book Included: Joy-Full Journaling for the Caregiver’s Spirit
  • 1. Your Inner Well-Being
  • Guided Imagery Meditations from the Storyteller
  • The Caregivers Circle: Healing Within
  • Turn Your Emotions Inside Out
  • Journal exercises and prompts
  • Insightful Writings
  • Your Caregiver’s Mindset
  • Visual Videos to Help Soothe Your Mind
  • Relationships in Caregiving
  • Sacred Space Sharing
  • I Am Exercise
  • Worksheets (from the book)
  • 2. Your Physical Well-Being
  • What’s Your Gut Got to Do with It/Good Health Starts in Your Gut
  • 3. On Making a Difference
  • Senior Pearls of Wisdom: Interview Your Elders and Get Their Stories Down (including a list of prompts and questions from which to choose)



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