Divine Serendipity: How to Know When God Nods


Has there ever been a time in your caregiving journey where you had the experience of coincidence? There probably has been. Just about everyone knows what it feels like to experience a coincidence. For me it happened when an old friend appeared in my life and invited me to a transformational seminar. Coinciding with that, my father was coming to the end of his journey here on earth. The priest that offered my dad last rights had the same first name (an uncommon name at that) as my friend.shield-492992_1280

Taking that a step further, have you ever experienced a coincidence so big that no human being could have concocted it? You kind of got that feeling – the “let me look around, over my shoulder” kind of feeling. Well, you are not alone. Some individuals like to refer to it as coincidence while others call it synchronicity, and still others call it serendipity. Whatever you wish to call it – it is divine!

As a matter of fact, my nickname for these “happenings” is Divine Serendipity. Divine Serendipity is the name of the first paid essay/contest I ever got published. It is a story that began with me walking into a Christian church and saying, “here I am, let your will be done.” It is a story of how, by making that change, I experienced some of the most delightful experiences of synchronicity in my own life. How divine!

Feeling that everything is in alignment is a feeling so rich and so deep. It is a knowing that God is within you and you have the power to create alongside Him.

We all have divinity within – all we have to do is choose it

Now, don’t get me wrong – not all of these experiences of synchronicity are all joyful happenstance in the moment in which they occurred. However, God always (and I do mean always) put His hand in and mixed it into good. God will put His hand in it for good – even if it doesn’t seem that way at first.

How to Make the Most of those God Nods

Acknowledgment – The first step is to acknowledge that there are no real coincidences. While the circumstances surrounding the situation may seem like pure happenstance, make no mistake about it, God’s will is at hand.

When you acknowledge God’s presence in your life, you acknowledge life itself


Acceptance – While Serendipity, by definition is described as a happy circumstance, not all coincidences are what we may want for ourselves. Sometimes, coincidences are lessons we need to experience so we can come out the other end like polished gold. At the end of the day, we have free will, we all make choices that are not of our best interests. However, through it all, God will send those coincidences to let us know that we are on the right path – even if it is the path to healing.

We can only heal if we first experience pain. God will turn those lessons into blessings.

Appreciate – One of the most important lessons you can learn is to appreciate the moment in which you stand. It is a conscious effort, at best. We all have circumstances that we do not wish to go through, yet if our faith is strong, we will one day look over our shoulder and say, “Oh! Now I get it!” Appreciate the moment in which you stand for this moment will be yet another stepping stone in your journey closer to God.

Even though you may not understand it in your now, these happenings are a blessing for your later

Have you ever had a divine happening either in your own life or in your caregiving life, where you knew it couldn’t be anyone other than God?

We would all be so divinely blessed if you would leave a comment for the rest of us. Share, be open, be vulnerable, be divine!