Healed by the Harmonica

It was September 2012 when I had this experience. For some reason I will never be able to explain to myself, I was having one of my down days. No matter what I did, it always felt that everyone did it better, more importantly, and with such ease. That is until visiting Mr. D.R.

I had been working with elders for my local town and while visiting one of my clients, Mr. D.R. this day, he began telling me of his achievements in his 86 years on this planet we call earth. He knew how to sing, play musical instruments, and paint beautiful paintings. Upon sharing my newfound desire to learn how to play the harmonica (it is supposed to be good for asthma sufferers like me) and confessing that I had actually bought a small one, Mr. D.R. confessed that he was quite good at playing the harmonica himself.

Now the only thing left to do was to promise him that not only would I learn how to play, but also once having done so, I would return to play him a song. He one-upped me though. He went to his car, grabbed his harmonica, and played a beautiful Mexican song for me.


He was smiling; however, my smile was bigger. He brought joy to my dreary soul by reminding me that no matter who does what, we all bring something different to the table and, at the end of the day, it does not matter what we do as long as it brings a smile to someone else’s face!angel-565543_1280

Returning to the office this day to hand in my paperwork, I recanted this story to my director. She jumped for joy and she, too, had a smile on her face – only not because of the story, but because she had been trying to get Mr. D.R. to come into the center for social time. He was still so saddened by his wife’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and was lost without her. The center has a harmonica club, of all things, and the director never knew that Mr. D.R. played. She called him up and invited him to join!

Music and smiles all around!