Reaching for New Life this Spring

Just as the bud reaches for new life in spring, we as followers of Christ can reach for new life, as well. Every spring we remember the gift of life; not just life as it is, but as new life emerging. Every spring we celebrate many things; warmer weather, robust blooms and blossoms, the trees regain their vibrancy, and Christians everywhere celebrate the renewal of our spirits through the resurrection of Christ.

For those who follow Christ, Easter is a time for joyous celebration. Better than any other holiday or gift, we receive the gift of rebirth and renewal.
We can emerge from the shadows of life just as the flower that refuses to stay dormant extends its beauty upward toward the light of the sun. We can reach toward the light of love that God gives us, as we remember that we too are reborn under the light of new life given to us by Jesus Christ.
Reaching, outstretching our limbs, embracing the warmth and glow of His glory, we too can recall new life every Easter. Opening our hearts, minds, and spirits with the newness that spring has to offer, we are open to receive all of God’s goodness and blessings.
His resurrecting is a symbol of how we can renew, refresh, and regenerate our spirits as we look toward spring as a time of rebirth. There are several ways to celebrate and embrace the gift of our own resurrection every spring.
Stop and Smell the Flowers
Although this saying may be old and cliché, the truth is that this saying is needed more now than ever before. We are all so busy with our to-do lists and with “getting things done” that we forget to stop and appreciate His blessings along the way.131
Bountiful blooms, warm breezes, fresh air, these are all things that come but once per season. And like any season of life, we need to take the time to savor it all in the moment in which we are experiencing it.
Take a moment to watch the sunrise, smell a flower or marvel at the busy happiness of birds. Take time to notice beauty all around you whenever you can catch it.
A butterfly that lands close by or a dragonfly that appears out of nowhere are all God’s creations, sent by Him to remind you that a new season is always just around the corner, no matter how cold or dreary winter may have been.
Getting Close to Nature
Getting close to nature means only one thing – you get closer to God. Nature needs no teaching or guidance; it all just flows as it is intended to. When you commune with nature, you communicate with God.
Spend time outdoors, walk and talk with an elderly neighbor, walk barefoot in the grass. Planting flowers is symbolic because it allows you to see that you can sow any seed in fertile soil and reap the rewards of beauty and plenty.
Reaching out to Others
One of the most wonderful ways to celebrate both the resurrection of Christ and spring is by reaching out to others. Be that bud reaching for new life, extend your open arms to someone you were closed off to previously.
Sometimes extending the olive branch is mirroring what Christ himself did for all of us. He gave His life that we are born anew. Why not be that newness for someone else this spring?
Reach, extend, uplift, and embrace another. You never know what may grow throughout the years from the seedling you plant today.img_0055
Whether you are the seedling or the fertile soil, reach out to someone in need. Be new life for them as Christ is always new life for us.