When you Think the Holy Spirit is Not Listening: Creating the Possibility of Faith


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Sometimes we talk at God instead of to Him. We may say things such as, “If you don’t do this, then how can I do that?” Other times, we may go through Christ, the son, to ask for favor and we may even pray a prayer of praise and thanks on occasion or even on the daily.

However, what about the Holy Spirit? Do we remember this powerful source for inner healing and guidance? Moreover, when we do, do we know how to go about it? Here’s how to tap into the Holy Spirit within. There are certain ways of being that we must take on in order to be open to receive healing and guidance from the Holy Spirit.


Total Abandon

When all else fails, we must surrender ourselves, offer up total abandon and go deeply into trusting what is. You may not understand the why of it all, but you can take on knowing that whatever it is, God has His hand in it for your good.

Choose Your Mantra

Choose your mantra and stick with it. Think about what works for you and your unique situation in the day-to-day routine of caring for an elder. Mine is, “I Choose Faith.” This mantra has seen me through so many difficult times. Some of my darkest moments have been followed by, “I Choose Faith.”I Choose Faith (3)

However, these were not mere rote words. They were feelings. When all else failed, all I had left sometimes was faith – faith that God the father would see me through yet again, and that the Holy Spirit if nothing else would guide me.

Take Back Your Power

When you offer yourself up in total abandon and choose your mantra, please do not view this as giving in, rather view it as giving it up – up to God. When you make a conscious choice, you take your power back and you partner with God. Allow God to empty you off all that is old so that He may fill you with all that is new.

Remember, you cannot heal if first you do not experience hurt. Know (don’t just think it) know it to be a certainty that God will work all things out for your highest good. Let it move through you to the other side. If you hold onto the pain, there is no room for healing and certainly no room for growth in that space. Pain becomes part of the fiber of your being. You become pain. Give yourself time, but make a conscious choice. Choose that it is time to heal, choose faith, and choose to make a difference in the life of another.

The Potential of Prayer

Prayer is potential waiting to happen. Pray for courage to let it go. As humans, holding on to something feels comforting because it is oh-so-familiar. Allow the new creation that God has created in you to break through.

  • Choose altruism
  • Choose empowerment
  • Choose to trust that spirit will guide you and God will bring you through it
  • Open the gift of choice that is your birthright

Sometimes we think free will is solely based on good or bad choices, but it is based on choosing your favor, as well.

Choose your blessing, view things from another perspective. Make a choice, make a change, and choose faith.


Have you ever experienced or been privy to an act of faith? Take a leap of faith right now and share with us here.